Consult an Attorney Before You File a Criminal Appeal

When you’re convicted of a crime, you have the right to appeal the judge’s decision. And while such a task may sound simple, it’s anything but. If you plan to appeal your criminal conviction, be prepared. You need the expertise offered from a defense attorney worcester ma to ensure the process is accurately completed in a timely manner. Keep in mind there are deadlines in place for which you can file an appeal and if anything isn’t complete promptly, it can throw off the entire procedure. That is one of the biggest reasons a lawyer is critical to your case and the overall appeals process.

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Filing an appeal is no easy task when it comes to a court hearing, especially when the paperwork surrounds the appeals process. There are fees involved and mounds of paperwork required to complete this step. Fees vary from one case to another. This paperwork must be filed with the proper courts, where the waiting period begins. Many people attempt appeals on their own, and oftentimes find themselves overwhelmed and frustrated. Lawyers have completed the appeals process many times and understand the complexities that may arise. They’re well-prepared for any obstacles that come their way.

Once the proper paperwork is filed in court, the appeals process takes a considerable amount of time. Sometimes the Appeals court can take six months or more to review the appeals paperwork and packet. It takes longer if your matter goes to the Supreme Court. The final decision of the matter rests upon the final court of which you’ve appealed. You may not file additional appeals. It is usually ideal to file an appeal only in situations where evidence was heard at court, when there were misrepresentations, and in other similar situations.